Basic Policy on Antisocial Forces


We also recognize that eliminating antisocial forces that threaten the order and security of our society is an important issue that we all resonate with as a society. Therefore, as a company that is socially responsible, we shall establish the following basic policy on antisocial forces and instill a system that allows us to fulfil this basic policy.

  1. We shall firmly confront antisocial forces by severing all connections to them, including business connections.

  2. We shall deal with antisocial forces in a systematic and legal manner by cooperating with external specialized organizations such as the police, the National Center for Removal of Criminal Organizations, as well as law offices.

  3. We shall handle unreasonable demands legally by implementing both civil and criminal measures.

  4. We shall not respond to any unreasonable or unlawful demands or engage in any secret deals or funding.

  5. Even if antisocial forces make unreasonable demands based on a misconduct in our business activities or a misconduct by our employees, we shall never conduct any transactions that will conceal the truth.

  6. We shall ensure the safety of our officers and employees who respond to the unreasonable demands of antisocial forces.