Company Information

Representative Director and President
Seigo Miyaji

Message from the Representative

Ever since the founding of Casa, we have always acted upon our desire to provide services that are valuable to both our customers and society, by following the Ohmi merchant philosophy of “sampo yoshi,” which dictates that the needs of the seller, the buyer and society as a whole must all be satisfied simultaneously.

We have also been working on the strategic development of our human resources, as we consider people to be the most important aspect of our operations. Through the development of our human resources, we were able to understand the pleasure of hearing the words “thank you” from our customers, which express the gratitude that they have for us. In addition, we were also able to foster a company culture that allows us to work while believing what we do to be “worthwhile.”
From now on, we will work towards continuing to provide comprehensive support services for housing, which will allow us to hear words of gratitude from both those who wish to rent an apartment and those who wish to rent out their apartment alike.

On the other hand, in a rental housing market that is being affected by the declining birthrate, the aging population and the growing number of nuclear families, we are also seeing a large number of issues that need to be resolved, such as the vacant room problem and the response to the diverse needs for housing.

In order to resolve these issues, we will incorporate the use of IT in handling the data and know-hows accumulated thus far, and will create a matching platform that will directly connect those who wish to rent an apartment with those who wish to rent out their apartment. In addition to this, we will also provide our customers with highly transparent real estate information, as well as a sense of hospitality and great usability for their housing, which will have livability as its foundation.
With the support of all your “thank yous” and your “smiles,” we will continue to undertake the challenge of creating a “new standard for living” that will benefit both our customers and our society in the future.

Our Business

Casa offers services to improve the living of residents and the management of rental properties for landlords. Furthermore, we will also revitalize the real estate market by utilizing AI and technology to further develop these two areas.