Guarantee Service


With nuclear families becoming more and more common in recent years, asking a relative to be a guarantor has become a difficult task, and the number of elderly people and foreigners without relatives who are looking for housing has also seen an increase. Under these social circumstances, in which people are having trouble with finding joint guarantors, the need for guarantee companies has soared. In addition, a recent revision of the Civil Code has also enacted a law that invalidates the guarantee contract itself, unless the guarantee limit is set.
Casa will serve as your joint guarantor when you rent an apartment, which will eliminate the hassle of searching for a guarantor, acquiring documents such as seal certifications, and undergoing other procedures when signing an agreement. This in turn will allow you to rent an apartment with ease.

Percentage of people who use guarantee companies for lease agreements About 70% * From a survey by the Japan Property Management Association

Reasons to Select Casa

  • Number of Users

    2.4 million

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  • Customer Satisfaction Rate

    92.2 %

About Our Services

With Casa as their guarantor, residents will be able to rent an apartment with ease. Also, in the unlikely event that residents are unable to pay their rent due to an illness or an accident, Casa will pay the landlords for the rent on their behalf.

Three Advantage Points

  • Point1

    Streamlining House Moving Procedures

    Casa's guarantee service does not require you to have a guarantor. This therefore eliminates the hassle of searching for your own guarantor and acquiring a seal certification from your guarantor, which in turn allows you to rent an apartment with ease.

  • Point2

    Special Benefit Services are Available at the "Nyukyosha Cafe"

    The "Nyukyosha Cafe" is a service that is only available to those who are contracted with Casa. Gourmet dishes, recipes, travel programs, leisure activities, gifts and much more are offered at discounted prices.
    * This service will be provided in Japanese.

  • Point3

    Detailed Support System After Moving In

    We will provide you with support for any problems that may arise after moving into your apartment. We also have a dedicated help desk for residents who have difficulties maintaining a balance between their income and expenditure due to changes to their income. In addition, we assist public support systems as well.

Process from an application to a contract

  • Application

    Please fill out the necessary items on the guarantee application form, then gather the documents that will verify your identity along with any other necessary documents, before submitting them to the real estate company and the landlord.
    * We may require you to provide additional documents.

  • Screening

    We will conduct a predetermined screening based on your application details.
    Screening Division (Telephone Number): 03-5339-1049 (We may call you, your workplace, or your emergency contact.)

  • Contract

    You must pay the initial guarantee fee.
    After signing the contract, you must also pay an annual guarantee fee of 10,000 yen each year.
    * Prices may differ for business use.
    *The fee may vary between real estate companies.